Partnership with Parents

As you know, for happy and confident children we need to work closely together to complete this formula.

We would appreciate all relevant information to be shared with us. This will help us to work consistently under the same levels of understanding at Nursery and at home.

In addition to daily chats, a parent’s notice board is displayed in the reception area, and all rooms have a Planning notice board with daily and weekly information. Please make time to read this as it is beneficial to your child’s learning environment.

We also have a Suggestion Box which we ask parents from time to time to write a brief comment, compliment, suggestion and post in to the box so that we are aware of anything that you feel needs addressing. This can be done anonymously.

All babies have record books which are completed throughout the day which record information on your child’s eating, drinking, sleeping and activity achievements or interests.

Parent meetings will be arranged approximately two times a year which will give you the chance to come in to nursery and discuss your child’s progress. You will also be able to read the observations and assessments that would have been carried out throughout their time at nursery. All learning journeys are available to download and print by parents / carers through the Tapestry website.

Every year in the summer, we organise a social event for all our parents and families. We invite everyone along including grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends and endeavour to make it a fun, enjoyable time where you can get to meet and socialise with your children’s friends and families.