Leaving your child in someone else’s care is extremely difficult. We only wish that settling the parents was as easy as settling the children!


Children can not be expected to settle straightaway so before your child starts at Happy Days Nursery we will arrange free settling in visits prior to their start date. The visits will help familiarisation for you and your child with both staff and children. Your interaction with the staff will be a comfort to your child and the gradual introduction to their new environment will be a benefit to everyone. Please feel free to bring a home comforter for your child.


It is important to decide which is the best way to say goodbye and to settle each individual child, as some children do cry & get upset on parents departures. Sometimes the best option is to give your child a kiss/cuddle and settle him/her at an activity or hand them over to a member of staff.

Once settled, children normally attend nursery happily. However, when a child moves rooms, circumstances change at home or after a prolonged absence, you may find a resettling period may occur. Sharing information to help us gain a full understanding of the situation means we will be able to work effectively to assist them through this phase.
Please do not hesitate to telephone the nursery about your child so that you can put your mind at ease, and you too can continue with your work without being worried.


We use online journals for individual children called Tapsetry. All parents/carers will be given passwords and they can view their child’s learning journey whenever they wish. practitioners and Key workers upload photographs, videos and observations of the children throughout their time at Nursery. Parents are also encouraged to contribute by sharing information and milestones of their children.